The Krew Music Video Shoot

Recently, FULFILMS had the privilege of shooting a music video for The Krew, a young group of artists ages 9-14. Three-time Emmy Award winner, Debbie Allen, hand-picked five of the most talented artists she had been working with for over five years at Debbie Allen Dance Academy to form a band. Alaman Diadhiou, Alijah Kai, Morgan Etnyre, Dempsey Tonks, and Ryan Phuong make up “The Krew”. The song “While We’re Young” was created by Ms. Allen’s son, Music Producer Norman Nixon, who goes by “Thump”.

All cast members in the The Krew music video are involved with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (D.A.D.A). The youngest cast member on set was 3 year old Miracle, who is featured towards the end of the video in a dance circle. Probably the most memorable people in the video, other than The Krew of course, would have to be the three background dancers in the black light scenes, who are part of a group called “Super Saiyanz Crew”. Typically working with kids can be quite a difficult task, but Ms. Allen runs such a tight ship at her academy shooting with all of the extras was “smooth sailing”.

The lemonade stand scene was a blast thanks to the “lemonade girls”, who put forth such great energy. In fact, it was so fun and realistic that someone who lived close by actually came over and asked to buy a glass. Since Art Director, Lindsey Reese, made sure all props were real (and delicious), the neighbor’s thirst was quenched.

The majority of the “While We’re Young” music video was shot in front of high efficiency black lights. The most important part of a music video is capturing the emotion of the artist and the black light brought an entirely different way for The Krew to express themselves. The kids and crew really enjoyed playing around with different UV makeup and paints, keeping everyone on set excited about the scene. For more details on filming with UV lights, check out Filming with Ultraviolet Light.

Executive Producer: Debbie Allen
Executive / Music Producer: Norman Nixon “Thump”
Producer: Maddie Dennis
Director / DP: Ryan Richardson
Editor: Ryan Richardson
Art Director: Lindsey Reese
Camera B Operator / Lighting Tech.: Zach Harrison
Key Grip: Christoff Disi
Glamour MUA: Cherie Bellows
UV MUA: Amber Greer
Wardrobe: Champagne Morgan
Set Photographer: Emily Weaver

Special thanks to:
Debbie Allen Dance Academy
Jordin Aldridge
LL Designs and Boutique
Los Angeles Camera Rentals