Oxnard Auto Center Commercial

It was important this commercial captured the essence of Ventura County, while leaving the audience appreciating the Oxnard Auto Center for being so community driven. Almost everyone in the cast were Ventura County residents (even Frank the dog) which added real emotion to the spot.

More often than not, auto center commercials are loud and obnoxious. Buying a new car can be confusing and frustrating enough. The buyer needs to have a positive experience while choosing the next vehicle the whole family trusts their life with. “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.”


The most effective way to capture the full beauty of the community was through aerial cinematography, but a real helicopter was neither in the budget nor ideal compared to the kind of low altitude cinematic shots that could be achieved using a UAV (often refereed to as a drone, or multicopter).

You can find the Oxnard Auto Center commercial being aired locally in Ventura County and some parts of Los Angeles. Watch the 60 second spot below.

Executive Producer: Hugh McManigal
Producer: Maddie Dennis
Director: Zach Harrison
Cinematographer: Ryan Richardson
Editor: Ryan Richardson
Animal Trainer: James Brunett
Dog: Frank Brunett-Hollreiser
Young Boy: Troy Patterson
Young Girl in car: Blythe Walker
Young Girl with family: Yaneri Payan
Surfer Boy: Hugh McManigal Jr.
Surfer Girl: Briana Diamond