Filming With Ultraviolet Light


The concept for the music video “While We’re Young” incorporated filming with ultraviolet lights. It was important to have high intensity ultraviolet lights for the colors to pop well on camera, so average black lights would not have sufficed.


The makeup artists carefully analyzed the different color UV cosmetics under the black light. It is very important to not just rely on “neon” colors, because they do not illuminate nearly as well as the UV paint and makeup.


When watching them perform it’s hard to believe that The Krew’s Dempsey Tonks is 13 years old and Alijah Kai is only 10! The girls had on special UV makeup and hair spray, which looked great on camera and added a new element to their energetic personalities.


Director, Ryan Richardson, envisioned the background dancers looking as though they jumped right out of a painting, and splattering UV paint on the subjects created a wonderfully abstract look.


The Krew and The Super Saiyanz Crew had great chemistry. The S.S.C did a great job at looking less like backup dancers and more like characters of the set. The splatter technique had a very rewarding end result.


Neon colored accessories such as gloves, glasses, and hats for the boys and UV painted nails, hair and glow bracelets for the girls played critical roles in showcasing the kid’s movement.


All of the UV lights and paint used to create the splatter look were purchased from Wildfire, located in Torrance, CA.

Special thanks to Photographer, Emily Weaver, for the behind the scenes photos.

Executive Producer: Debbie Allen
Executive / Music Producer: Norman Nixon “Thump”
Director / DP: Ryan Richardson
Producer: Maddie Dennis
Art Director: Lindsey Reese
Camera B Operator / Lighting Tech.: Zach Harrison
Key Grip: Christoff Disi
Glamour MUA: Cherie Bellows
UV MUA: Amber Greer
Wardrobe: Champagne Morgan
Set Photographer: Emily Weaver

Special thanks to:
Debbie Allen Dance Academy
Jordin Aldridge
LL Designs and Boutique
Los Angeles Camera Rentals